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You have been attacked by the Squinting Kitty!

You have been Squittified!

The Artist Formerly Known as Squinting Icons
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My server must be down :(
Poem is by Carl Sandburg.
Layout created and coded by me after much toil.
Thank you mousewings for telling me the code for headers!

Welcome to the icon community for squinting_kitty! My old icon journal is squinting_icons. I'm relatively new to graphic design and icon making (started 03/05), and it's only something that I find fun to do in my spare time, not a career aspiration. Please be advised that my style is constantly changing and hopefully improving. I hope you enjoy my work!

I'll update the section below as well as my "interests" as I add different icons. I've also started a "Coming Soon" section below the current stuff. If you see something in the interests but can't find it in the memories, it means those icons are currently located at squinting_icons.

NOTE: February 3, 2007

It's been almost a year since I've made any icons or updated this community. My life has gone in other directions, and I'm finding myself busier than ever. At this point, I'm not sure if I'll continue to make icons or not.

All of the current links to my icons will most likely stay intact indefinitely, so new members can still look through my icons. As always, credit is appreciated if you do decide to use any of my icons.

I sincerely thank you all for your patronage, and feel free to continue being a member of the community as long as you'd like. There's always a small chance that I might start back up again.

May you all find that which you seek.




  • In order to see my icons, you will need to join the community. At this time, membership is open. I am the only person with posting access.
  • NO HOTLINKING. Read this for a thorough explanation about why hotlinking (using my urls to link to photos, icons in this case) is so evil. Rather than linking to my icons, consider opening a Photobucket account. It's free. Thanks.
  • Comment when you take something or if you just have feedback about the icon(s). Comments make me happy, and when I'm happy, I make more icons!
  • Please read the information about crediting below.
  • I will take requests for icons/graphics, but please be patient since I am a rather busy college student! If you have a request, please read the information under the cut on this entry and post it there. I do NOT have the capabilities to make layouts or icons with "movies," so if that's what you're looking for, I'm afraid you will need to ask someone else. You must be a member to make a request.
  • If you've got a question that this userinfo doesn't answer, please look at The FAQ. If that still doesn't answer your question, feel free to ask it here.
    Guidelines for Crediting

  • Ideally, I would really like for you to credit all of my icons, friends only banners, or other graphics you may use in your journal. This lets people know who made it in case they would like to use it themselves or obtain something similar, and, more importantly, it also gives them a way to find their way to this community.
  • If the icon does have text or embellishment, I ask that you credit either squittified or squinting_kitty in picture keywords, picture comments like I've done with my personal icons, or somewhere in your userinfo.
  • DO NOT CLAIM MY ICONS AS YOURS! Hopefully you were indignant at me having to tell you that.
  • DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE MY ICONS ANYWHERE. This includes, but is not limited to, "stolen icon" communities. If I find you doing this, you will be banned, and I will spread the word to other icon makers.
  • If you would like to modify one of my icons or use it as a base, ask me and I will most likely be fine with it. If you post an icon you created using one of my icons as a base in a public place for others to use, please say that the base was made by squittified.
  • Still confused? Please see this entry.
    Recent Icons

  • Christmas icons
  • Bear icons
  • Literary quote icons
  • Owl icons
  • Bunny icons
  • Bobcat icons
  • Chris Martin quote about Coldplay fans
  • Rock because it's "even better than two elephants doing ballet."
  • Chris Martin's Rolling Stone quote
  • "The Nappies" (Coldplay) Part II
  • Misc. animal icons (horses, prairie dogs, frogs, squirrels, monkeys)
  • One "Fix You" icon (Coldplay)
  • "The Nappies" (Coldplay) Part I
  • Misc. old Coldplay icons and some new icons with "Swallowed in the Sea" lyrics
    Coming Soon

    Please see this post.
    A complete searchable index of my graphics is visible to members. It can be found at my memories. The only "memorable entries" that show up for non-members are posts that do not contain icons, such as my crediting tutorial, my resource/credits post, and The FAQ. To see my request thread and to make a request, you must be a member.
    Member Of
    All Icons
    Touch of Text
    Basic Bases
    If you would like to promote my icons in your journal or community, you may use one of these images. I'd prefer that you upload it to your own webspace, but if that's not possible, you may use my urls.
    http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y12/squinting_kitty/linkto1.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y12/squinting_kitty/linktoanim2.gif http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y12/squinting_kitty/linktoanim3.gif http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y12/squinting_kitty/linktoanim4.gif

    The code would be (without the 7 asterisks(*) symbols):
    src="YOUR URL HERE" border="0"*>

    Insert the link for your uploaded image where the text YOUR URL HERE is. You DO want to keep the quotation marks in the code with no spaces between the url and the quotation marks.

  • My favorite and most oftenly used brushes are by meleada, lovemelikemusic, crumblingwalls, eightyfour__, fluffy_monster, and dragong.
  • For a complete list of credits (brushes and otherwise), please see this entry.
  • If you see that I'm using something of yours without crediting you, PLEASE let me know, preferably here!
    Site Note
    Many of the photos for my cat icons are taken from this site. I also frequently use Getty Images and Google image searches for my generic images. I do not claim to be the photographer/artist or copyright owner for any of the photos used in my icons unless I specifically say so in a post. All original photos/artwork, etc. are copyright of their respective owners if applicable. If I am found to be violating copyright laws, please email me at squinting.kitty AT gmail DOT com, and I will remove any photos or other media in question.