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To sleep, perchance to dream...

It's been almost a year since I've made any icons or updated this community. My life has gone in other directions, and I'm finding myself busier than ever. At this point, I'm not sure if I'll continue to make icons or not.

All of the current links to my icons will most likely stay intact indefinitely, so new members can still look through my icons. As always, credit is appreciated if you do decide to use any of my icons.

I sincerely thank you all for your patronage, and feel free to continue being a member of the community as long as you'd like. There's always a small chance that I might start back up again.

May you all find that which you seek.


crediting tutorial

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First, read the livejournal FAQ. If you still don't understand, keep reading.

  • To upload new user pictures, you will first have to go to the upload/edit pictures page. You can add/delete pictures as well as change their keywords and comments from there. Or you can go to the edit pictures page to edit keywords or picture "comments."

  • Put "squittified" or "made by squittified" either in the keyword box or in the comment box. Copy and paste the text from the box below if you don't know the code.

    Note: Using either squinting_icons or squinting_kitty instead of squittified is acceptable because there will be a link from either of those journals back to this community. However, I would really prefer you to credit directly to squittified. Thanks!
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    my credits entry

    Note: This entry will be added to as necessary. I may not use every resource listed below, but they are things I've downloaded that I think are interesting for possible future use.

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    Other Sources (also posted in my userinfo):
    Many of the photos for my cat icons are taken from this site. I also frequently use Getty Images and Google image searches for my generic images. I do not claim to be the photographer/artist or copyright owner for any of the photos used in my icons unless I specifically say so in a post. All original photos are copyright of their respective owners if applicable. If I am found to be violating copyright laws, please email me at squinting.kitty AT, and I will remove any photos in question.